How do I unlock a locked entry if I've forgotten my passcode?

If you forget your passcode you can reset it as long as you can import a file into ThinkBook through iTunes file sharing.

• Connect the iPad to your computer.
• iTunes should open automatically, but if it doesn't open iTunes.
• In the side bar, click on Devices > (your device). If you don't see the sidebar you can go into the 'View' menu and select 'Show Sidebar'.
• Click on the "Apps" tab.
• Scroll down from the "Sync Apps" section to the "File Sharing" section.
• Click on "ThinkBook".
• Drop the unlock file into the "ThinkBook" section. The unlock file is any file named 'unlock.txt'. You can download one below or you can just rename any file you already have.
• Open ThinkBook and when it detects the unlock file it will reset your passcode.